How to Fix QuickBooks 6000, 77 Error – Infographic


A. Run QuickBooks File Doctor

Download QuickBooks File Doctor, install & run it to diagnose & fix the errors.

B. Get Company File on External Media

  1. Copy/Paste the Company file to the QB file server or local hard drive.
  2.  Start QuickBooks, open the company file.

C. Choose or Restore Company File in QuickBooks

  1. Start QuickBooks program.
  2. Select File -> Open Company File (following the QB 2006 version select file -> open company file).
  3. Double click to open the company file -> Click Next (for QB 2007 and after versions).
  4. Click My Network Places on the left to open My Computer window.
  5. Click Entire Network -> Locate the company file destination on your server.
  6. Select & open the company file required

D. Fix Firewall Software Settings

  1. Disable or uninstall the Firewall software on the PC that hosts the company file for a short time and attempt to approach the company file on the another PC.
  2. Start QuickBooks application and open the company file. In case the file opens favorably, set up firewall and internet security for network access and updates.

E. Update the QB Permission Settings in Windows

  1. Press Windows + E to open My Computer window.
  2. Navigate the right folder comprising of QB company file.
  3. Click on the folder -> Choose Properties -> Click on the sharing button.
  4. Insert the name that needs to be added for the drop-down arrow -> Click Add (QBDataServicerUser needs to be approached)
  5. Select Read drop down arrow in the Permission Level section and Select Full Control.
  6. Click on share-> Click on Security button -> Click Edit button (for the group or user name section)
  7. Click on QBDataServiceUserXX. (XX refers to the version of QuickBooks)
  8. Choose the complete check box in the Allow column in the section of Permissions for QBDataServiceUser. Click OK -> Close.

F. Update the Folder that have Corrupted Company Data

  1. New Folder needs to be created in your C:\ drive.
  2. Copy & Paste the company file to the new folder in C:\ drive.
  3. Follow the Solution 4 above to set up the right permissions for the folder.
  4. Attempt opening your company file from new location through QuickBooks software.

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